We are world renowned Choreographers and Teachers in Contemporary and Ballet Dance, providing training in the heart of Barcelona City.

Accreditation by International Dance Council CID Paris 15, France.

We offer: One Year Vocational Training Graduate Certificate Diploma in Dance and Performance Barcelona. 

InDance International provides two entry dates: September and January of each year

Deadlines: August and December

Each period is a minimum of 9 months in training and performing. 

Program Description: 

  • Contemporary Dance Studio Technique.
  • Performance Touring Company.
  • Contemporary Dance Multimedia.

We provide personal assistance with visa documentation.

Visit Team Page for Professors., Choreographers and Creators. 

We offer Scholarships for all our programs and activities in the United Kingdom and Spain. 

All classes are taught in English. Students are required to learn Spanish or Catalan. 

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It was interesting to see different ways of working. I really enjoyed learning more about technology, cameras and drones. The morning classes and workshops were great. In my opinion it was good to have this experience and to get an insight how it could be to work with a choreographer and create a piece in only two weeks.

Vans Rohrmeister, Austria 2021

Having the opportunity to experience working in the professional world as a dancer, as well as meeting professional dancers from around the world and having the chance to dance with them. I have also loved the morning classes and all the workshops that we had with different teachers (through zoom and in person).

​​Lys Cabral Sampietro Spain 2021

I think this blend is very interesting because it can open the possibilities to create new way to express ourselves, perspectives, share our art and work and give a new accessibility to the dance world.

Lily Cabaud, France 2020

I loved to experiment with a new choreographic technique and meet a new choreographer.

Raphaëlle Sablic, France 2020

For me the best part of the course was being able to work with the group and experience a new energetic body movement.

Matilde Casini, Italy 2020

To reflect about situations lived (as lies, define ourself and see how we could turn it into mouvement. Interesting reflective work.

Andréa Vibert, France 2020

When we did the first performance, i realise for real the soul of the project and the group was more connected. Amazing!

Genaro Cibils, Italy 2020

Realising my ability of solving and dealing. Empowerment of the group to support each others and work as professionals.

María Ganzaráin, Spain

The blend of dance and tech is a field where much more can be explored, and I admire the work that Harriet is doing the IDI.

Sara Colomino Gimenez, Spain 2020

The creativity I could see from all the teachers and technical staff involved was very inspiring. I particularly enjoyed the mixture of theatre and dance.

Valentina Temussi, Italy 2020

I enjoyed the classes and workshops, because even though they were online sometimes, it was something new and I didn't have that information before. I also enjoyed seeing other students and professionals and learn from them.

Anastasia Lyubinski, Germany 2021

it was to work professionally and getting different tools to create movements, get to know other dancers, choreographers and photographers. Also working with film and photography was a great experience.

Ritha Haga, Norway 2021

Variety of classes and methods introduced on them. And the performance was amazing.

Franciska Golubecka, Latvia 2021

tweaking and working with our own choreographic creations as well as those of our colleagues. Also witnessing a creative work being made in a short amount of time.

Etana Mussell, America 2021

Watching the other dancers grow and progress throughout the week Being inspired by the choreographers but also the other dancers, being able to adapt and bounce off their energy was amazing and so beneficial for myself to feel the enjoyment of dance.

Amelia Holdsworth, British & Croatian 2021

I loved the morning classes and structure of the Day. The classes were very useful because we did a a lot of new things. The Creation process was effective and I felt like i Gained a lot from it in the first week especially. Also working with camera's around has been a good experience.

Blanca Doeswijk, Dutch 2021

The experience of connecting with Harriet in her methods and seeing the final result that was very positive and it is not easy with so many people and doing it in such a short time. Thank you very much Harriet and the team. For giving me this opportunity to enjoy being by your side. Always focused.

Jesus Western Riaño Galan, Spain 2021

The best experience was to work with the professionals, to learn how production works, the different knowledge from the workshops and the work with technology as well as the experience to work with choreography.

Freya Färnlöf, France 2021

It has been very eye opening in terms of really seeing what is outside in the real dance world and has promoted me into taking decisions I wasn’t sure about before going there and now I see everything more clear and my ambitions are even higher. The course has been like a wake up!!

Alba Padro, Spain 2021

I loved the debate about lies and truth.

Maëlle Omnès, France 2020

Working in a professional situation and I challenged myself.

Lejeune Camille, France 2020

I love the group work.

TeBeatriz Cubero Mateo, Spain 2020 Designation

It’s good to put some technology into dance.

Núria Gallego, Spain 2020

The invitation to be Honest and authentic has been the most interesting part of the process so far.

Laura Branco, Switzerland 2020

The energy of the dancers to learn something new.

Leonardo Diana, Italy 2021

The workshops with different dancers and choreographers.

Silvia Aguiar, Spain 2020


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