This year, 2022 was a remarkable year for myself and the team, and we were able to begin to bond as a

Locations: Spain, England & Serbia. Sign up from January 2022

New residency proposed in 2023 at the Institute of the Arts, Barcelona for more information visit our website from January 2023.

Miss Harriet Macauley Europe, Panama, United Kingdom. Memories of R&D Project DUALITY Barcelona, Spain 2021 COVID madness!, yet a strong period of

The final performance is complete. Thank you to the students and participants of FEC and SandBox. Here we go Girona and UK for

Project Duality Presents “Un mundo de etiquetas” encapsulated by 10 solo dance works created and performed in two buildings in the city. Duality is

Director and Choreographer Harriet Macauley works in collaboration with participants from Sand Box Panama on the creation of a Digital Dance Installation

Submerged in multimedia with Italian choreographer and dancer Leonardo Diana for early stage research on Duality. Working both in Leeds the UK

Fundación Espacio Creativo is created in collaboration with BID Lab as a workspace and platform with the purpose of integrating technology and 

Led by Miss Harriet Macauley, Director, Founder, Researcher, Lecturer and Collaborator. The Future of IDI, 4 years on from the beginnings of

How has your process towards dance and choreography started? I have been dancing professionally dancing for more than 15 years, and I

How has your process toward dance and choreography started? My professional journey started when I was a child, I started to dance

What do you enjoy the most about working with young performers and dancers at IDI? I enjoy moving around with them, because

"Inspiration just happens, you don't have to look for it, but be open to it" An interview with Sara Colomino. Catalunya, Spain.

“IDI, where is the movement coming from and where can we take it?!” An interview with Valentina Temussi. Italy

"Duality, an umbrella of combining the old language with the new" An interview with Megan Curet. New York, USA.

“Finding a balance between Reality and Virtuality” An interview with Leonardo Diana, Italy.

Artistic Director: Miss Harriet Macauley United Kingdom, Spain. Photographer: a natural image by Aldana Juarez Czeplowodzki of InDance International, Europe. Funded by the

The old meets the NEW!! InDance International, Institute of the Arts Barcelona Sitges and Miss Harriet Macauley, Project Duality IDI, October 2021.

En IDI queremos inspirar a futuros artistas, ayudarles en su futuro laboral y representar nuestros valores apoyándonos los unos a los otros!

A three week intensive program and residency with a live stage performance in the city of Barcelona, Led by Artistic Director Harriet

Good vibes from our team of great dancers in Barcelona!!! IDI productions post – COVID19 2021. Director, Choreographer Miss Harriet Macauley, UK/ES  Dancers: Lhatsun France, Carlos

IDI productions post – COVID19 2021. Director, Choreographer Miss Harriet Macauley, UK/ES  Dancers: Lhatsun France, Carlos Way Columbia, Nazarena Caramelo Argentina, Noa Saada France, Sofi France  Gregori Enderson Rosso Aranguren (Moll) Venezuela, Andres Bustamante Suarez

IDI productions post – COVID19 2021. Director, Choreographer Miss Harriet Macauley, UK/ES  Beauty is Black, Dancer Indigo, IDI productions post – COVID19 2021

An extraordinary experience working with Dancers: Lhatsun France, Carlos Way Columbia, Nazarena Caramelo Argentina, Noa Saada France, Sofi France  Gregori Enderson Rosso Aranguren (Moll) Venezuela, Andres Bustamante Suarez (Denox) Venezuela Dali Enrique Galarza Ponce Peru, Gregori Anthoni Rosso

We have finally completed two days of filming for Project Loyalty with original sound score by UK Rap Artist, Del – Snakes

We have finally completed two days of filming for Project Loyalty with original sound score by UK Rap Artist, Del – Snakes

IDI, Project Loyalty, Barcelona 2021Director, Choreographer Miss Harriet Macauley, UK/ES Manager Tatia Lolua, Videographer, Editor Vitor SchiettiDancers: Lhatsun France, Carlos Way Columbia, Nazarena Caramelo Argentina, Noa Saada France, Sofi France  Gregori Enderson Rosso Aranguren (Moll) Venezuela, Andres Bustamante Suarez

IDI & Urban Addict Sponsored Production 2021 Project Loyalty, Barcelona 2021Director, Choreographer Miss Harriet Macauley,Dancers: Lhatsun France, Carlos Way Columbia, Nazarena Caramelo Argentina,

Creation and performance – begins in the studio! Fre3 BODIES collaboration 2020. New projects from 9th April 2021. IDI in partnership with resident

We are slowly building towards a intense Spring of Video Shoots and Photography and we are excited be working with a new

InDance International, Spring 2021New Education. New Event. New Production! We are in preparations for Spring activities into the Summer period. Thank you to a

The new year has slowly begun to unfold with numerous projects and activities generated for the development of IDI, Dance and Technology

IDI are in work mode despite the fast approach of christmas and new year. We intend to have a new website, new

IDI are almost at the end of the year!!! We have over 25 edits to cut, blend, colorise and credit before the

We are in preparations for a series of new edits by Film Maker and Photographer Jero Cerezoand Editor and Choreographer Harriet Macauley,

IDI has had an extraordinary year! As we lead into the last month or so of 2020, we hope to begin to

We are finally able to have time to build upon our community of dance artists and performers coupled with a new website

Artistic Director, Harriet Macauley UK/ES. Despite COVID19…we are MOVING AND CREATING! FIVE days with student company, Fre3 BODIES and we are now

A short but intensive project with a fantastic photographer, Danny Fernandez, who captured exquisite images of the tech project despite COVID19 restrictions.

We are excited to begin organising a new professional project with IDI production team. Project completed with IDI Dance & Tech, 30

Artistic Director: Harriet Macauley, UK/ES. “I want to thank you all for working on IDI Activity Dance & Technology with Fre3 BODIES.

We are almost in the last period of our IDI Dance & Tech project. I am very happy to have worked with

Day 2 and we have a sketch of a new work! 22 dancers, two digital screens, three videographers, and a photographer! Despite

Day One – extraordinary, we have only just begun. Finally back in the studio again despite COVID19.  The line up….the beginning of

We are at Fabra i Coats with a team of 40 attendees in education, technology and performance programme. IDI Digital Installation with

We are fully booked for our activity  IDI Dansa I Tecnologia 13 – 17 Octubre 2020  Interested candidates should join our mailing

We are excited about our Multimedia and Technology collaboration in Barcelona city. NEW Photography, NEW Choreographic work, NEW Dancers, NEW Location, NEW NEW NEW. Invitation only performance on

We are so excited to receive yet more support from the ICEC for the development of an extraordinary organisation. ‘Words cannot express

We are so excited to commence InDance International, Dance & Tech supported by Generalitat de Catalunya, Department de Cultura and our international

We are in the process of obtaining and building the final stages of our project, despite COVID19. Led by Harriet Macauley and in

Una entrevista vía Zoom con la Directora Artistica Harriet Macauley y La Gerente Elena Espejo. InDance Productions shortlisted dance applicants will be

Artistic Director Harriet Macauley presents project IDI Danza & Tech 2020 – 2021.  A new production crew set on creativity and education

We have received a total of 410 applications for our Autumn shoots from International applicants in London – UK, Rome – Italy, Paris

What an extraordinary month we have had here at InDance International Barcelona. Artistic Director Harriet Macauley is working alongside excellent professionals residing in

Click here: Nuevo sitio web – Directora Artística Harriet Macauley  I am very proud of our team here at InDance International. I

Artistic Director Harriet Macauley has received over 396 applications for the development of a series of NEW screen dance films from the Autumn

InDance International Barcelona & Company Harriet Macauley están haciendo una audición para bailarines y bailarinas altamente cualificados para la creación de una

InDance International Barcelona & Company Harriet Macauley estan fent una audició per a ballarins i ballarines altament qualificats per a la creació

InDance International Barcelona & Company Harriet Macauley are auditioning for Highly Skilled – Male and Female Dancers for the creation of a

Director Harriet Macauley, InDance International are excited to be building a new production team for the realisation of several Dance & Tech

We are excited to prepare for the development of a new large Dance Film & Technology work with Fre3 Bodies Post Graduate

We are in awe! YES, we have received the red light to commence strategic development of a spectacular organisation and event in

Extraordinary support from numerous Universities and Colleges in the UK and Netherlands for the development of InDance International Barcelona. Artistic Director Harriet Macauley

We are in work mode, building a structure for the launch of opportunities for FEMALE DANCERS to be a part of a

HM Founder & Artistic Director InDance International Barcelona ‘WE ARE BACK’ and excited about the our Dance Technology Projects in the Autumn of

We hope to deliver an audition for international dancers for the development of a series of short video works and performances as

We are a young organisation and we are in a process of growth. Artist, Entrepreneur, Rapper Jay -Z stated “The root to growth

InDance Barcelona would like to thank all subscribers and individuals who have expressed an interest in our activities for the future. To

We are excited to continue building upon our international relationships with extraordinary choreographer and performer Raúl Tamez of Mexico. Once again we are grateful

I have now begun to build and shape new international collaborations in Europe. We are positive for the future of InDance International

Summer is almost with us and we hope to continue to support the dance community in Barcelona. We have a trilogy of

Despite the rescheduled of our event due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, we will continue to work alongside our partners for future represented

Thank you all for your resumes and C.Vs for the launch of our new event in the Autumn. We received a significant

Dancer Carlitos Way of Columbia, based in Barcelona, has undertaken video shoots with Harriet Macauley, InDance Barcelona. We are excited for a

We are in May and in preparation for a new time, where we are limited in communication through Dance and Performance. However

The sun is a source of positive motivation during this time. A power for positive energy, radiating and flowing into dark times.

We are so excited to have Barcelona Ballet Project working in partnership with Artistic Director Harriet Macauley, IDI 2020- 2021. As we slowly progress

We anticipate a waiting period on the commencement of our summer program in July or August. We hope that as a organisation

InDance International Barcelona will present a variety of new edits as a result of the current pandemic and quarantine restrictions. Once again

InDance International are excited about Summer Activities to be presented by the organisation leading into June. We hope we can continue to

Quarantine, Yes it is challenging, Maybe it is a time to really reflect on what we VALUE, who we are…how we love

 Editor Harriet Macauley, InDance Barcelona, Amor por La gente de España, covid19 2020. Ballerinas: Carlitos Way and Lhatsun Lahmo Tara. Videografia:

InDance – Barcelona Ballet Project. Director & Choreographer Harriet Macauley will provide classes and an Audition for a new company work. Despite the

Si nosotras estamos en abril! We are excited for the Autumn team of performers as part of InDance Barcelona 2020. We are undoubtedly anxious