Technology, Digital Media - Projects, Workshops, Site-specific, Multidisciplinary, Interdisciplinary and Collaborative Residencies in Barcelona, Spain

InDance Education is a strand developed by Director Harriet Macauley and the collaborative team to better understand advances in the use of digital media, particularly with Creations into Dance Performances.

IDI uses various technological equipment, online and offline, to create and promote dance with technology. Our activities are influenced largely from academic investigation and collaboration undertaken through PHD Doctorate Degrees, Masters, Philosophy, Practice-led multimedia collaboration, Practice led investigation, Interdisciplinary Practice with Technology, International residencies and so-forth.

Eminent in the process of creation into performance is the understanding of dance practice
with multimedia and the application of Academic knowledge to support process and delivery.
Our activities are grounded in academic, scholarly and interdisciplinary practice-led
collaboration, with an aim to make visible the intrinsic nature of the choreographic process
into digital performance.

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Educational Projects and Experiences include:

All Lecturers, Performers and Facilitators are Independent Researchers and Creators who have obtained a vast array of educational scholarships and qualifications within their chosen area of creative expertise.