Open Futures Limerick. Studio Light Moves R&D Triplicity 2022

Limerick and Dublin Ireland 2022

InDance International Harriet Macauley Open Futures 2022 takes the form of a Research and Development residency-based lab space for dance artists and media artists to explore the intersection of dance with media and screen-based practices.

Harriet Maculey and members of InDance International will attend Open Futures for the development of a New Multimedia Creation supported by Dance Limerick Dance Ireland, Limerick City Gallery of Art and the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance.

Dance House, Dublin Residency will take the form of research, investigation into creation with choreographer Harriet Macauley and Technologist Libby Odai. As part of research with Liverpool John Moores University, Harriet will begin the early stages on the development of a tour-ready work, Triplicity 2022-24

University of Limerick R&D 2022

For more information on Open Futures, viist project Triplicity. Generously supported by Open Futures, Arts Council England and the Institute of the Arts Barcelona Spain.

R&D on the use of Perception Neurons for the creation of Virtual bodies.

Technical set up and preparation at Limerick University, Ireland.