PROGRAM 2024-2025

Barcelona, Europe and United Kingdom


Start Date : September 2024 or January 2025
End Date : June 2025 or December 2025


Monday to Friday, from 9:30 am to 16:30 pm.
*Times are subject to change due to performances, residencies, collaboration internationally


InDance offers a certificate Diploma Course of study specifically designed for the training of professional contemporary dance artists. The programme encompasses the physical, technical, expressive, creative and artistic nature of  dance. 

The intention of the programme is to promote specialisms as performer, creator, and teacher in combination with a broad range of key subject specific and transferable skills to best equip dancers for the contemporary job market.
Technical training during the year is designed to train the body, whilst developing artistic intelligence and an understanding of movement that enables the dancer to respond to the varied and changing demands of contemporary choreography in Europe and Internationally.


A One Year Certificate Diploma Program in Dance, Performance, Choreography and the opportunity for performances with InDance International Harriet Macauley. 50% discount for a scholarship award. Scholarships are selected by a panel of dance professors from video submission. Successful Dancers will be notified upon submission. The Performance touring program is a major place for artistic commitment and experience for dancers in Europe to the United Kingdom. Each semester you are taught by European and International choreographers and create your own Choreography for Performances.

Barcelona City is a Cultural Hub of Creative Practice and Performance.


InDance International offers a course of study specifically designed for the training of professional contemporary dance artists, performers, choreographers and teachers. The program encompasses the physical, technical, expressive, creative and artistic nature of contemporary dance performance practice, informed by contextual aspects of Dance.



Harriet Macauley is the Artistic Director and Choreographer who has obtained a BA, BFA, MFA and is a Candidate with Liverpool Johnmoores on PhD in collaboration. Harriet regularly holds auditions for projects a in the United Kingdom and Europe.  Selected dancers are contracted and paid.


*We reserve the right to modify or change the selected guest teachers, choreographers and tour schedule for each year. 


Our scholarship is a complete course of Vocational Training Diploma on a syllabus structured on Harriet Macauley InDance International, validated by International Dance Council CID Paris 15, France.

The scholarship does not include your maintenance, accommodation, visa processing. InDance are committed to supporting Dancers by awarding scholarships for potential talent. Absences on a scholarship could affect your award. All scholarships are distributed upon submission of a video audition, and are allocated on abilities and knowledge on the performance of contemporary dance. 

Each term consists of a complete studio based learning program with choreographic creation and performance techniques for performances. The Scholarship processes are a part of the application submission process and all applicants are considered for scholarship upon submission of an application. If you are awarded a scholarship and have already received it, you are not able to reapply under the same program, however you can be considered for future programs. 


The Artistic Director and selected Choreographic Members determine the outcome of the selection process for scholarships. 

Scholarship Students Must: 

  1. Have a High Degree of work commitment throughout the program. 
  2. You must adhere to the requirements of the program and choreographic creations. 

Lost of Scholarships: 

  1. If you do not adhere to the developments in the program for professional performances, you may lose your scholarship. 
  2. Absences are only considered valid, if you provide supporting documentation upon request on your absence period. 
  3. Any absence MUST be provided in writing and sent to the Artistic Director 10 days prior to leave of absence. 
  4. Students on a scholarship cannot be repeatedly absent or late for daily classes or performances. 

Injury or another cause:  Each student is required to have a General Health Check with our appointed Physio on your Physical Health. Any other health related absences must accompany a written email or document. *Standard leave of absence form provided upon request from Professors and Choreographers. 

Students are encouraged to audit/watch classes, if they are unable to actively participate. 

Poor Performance:  Lack of commitment to the program and its performances, as well as poor commitment, communication and performance in classes may result in a discharge. 

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