Productions: Video, Dance Films, Screen Dance, Site-specific Dance

InDance Productions is Screen and Film Dance Productions in collaboration with Independent and Freelance Digital and Multimedia Editors.

Impacted by the radical changes in theatre performance caused by COVID-19, and the cancellation of previous events and activities, in Catalonia, our aim is to form a community with performers, students, companies, choreographers, videographers and photographers, working in the disciplines of Dance, Theatre, Technology and digital media to promote the activities of IDI in site-specific dance film.

The goal of InDance Productions is to bring face-face performance to the screen, to encourage pedagogy with technology, to improve skills, knowledge, psychological well-being and confidence for the International Dance community in Barcelona.

IDI Productions objective is to assist to build self-esteem, perseverance and trust for dancers and artists when working with technology at home or in a professional context.

Dance Editors IDI:

Jero Cerezo, Harriet Macauley, Vitor Schietti and Roger La Puente.

Our commitment to Dance and Technology is an amplification of our passion to discover a new type of community through the creation of digital performances, and therefore establishing new perspectives on digital performance.

IDI Productions, Quarantine 2020

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IDI TECH, is an online portal created as a result of COVID19 social distancing measures. It consists of showreels on Dancers, Collaborators, Performers and Digital content on the creation of choreographic works for IDI.

It is a mechanism to ensure participants can continue to develop skills and knowledge on IDI collaborations with technology. Paramount to IDI TECH online is the promotion of portfolios of artists who collaborate on numerous activities with IDI. The portal also provides information on future employmentopportunities with IDI and partner organisations.

Dance Screen Productions include Quarantine, 2020