Belgrade, The White City. Views of the waters, May – June 2023. 

Belgrade Dance Institute, Culture Moves Europe and Arts Council England

InDance International Harriet Macauley Quantum was a period of creation through  a Collaborative Multimedia Contemporary Dance Co-creation Residency supported by members of the faculty; Prof. Aleksandar llic, Vice President, Snezana Arnautovic and Prof. Dr. Vladimir Tomasevic. Harriet was hosted in the city of Belgrade Bulevar vojvode Misica 43, Belgrade Dance Institute to deliver the program. The outcomes of the period was learning, practice, networking, exchange, experimentation and performences with students, graduates, freelancers and independent artists.

Belgrade Dance Institute was established in 2014. The Institute offers the first accredited study programmes within undergraduate and postgraduate studies that give to students the academic education in the field of highly professional artistic dance ( Classical Ballet, Contemporary Dance,  Scenic National Dance, and Music ), Choreography and Ballet Pedagogy. The programmes in the Institute are based on the contemporary concept and are run by the prominent professors both from Serbia and from Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in London.

Institute of Dance, Balgrade, Bulevar vojvode Misica 43 Belgrade. Belgrade Dance Institute organizes undergraduate and master academic studies in the field of Artistic Dance. After the completion of undergraduate studies, students are awarded with the title of Drama and Audiovisual Artist, and after the completion of master studies, they are awarded with the title of Drama and Audiovisual Master Artist. Undergraduate study programme comprises both compulsory and optional courses.

From IETM to Belgrade Institute of Dance. My final week has come and I am excited for the students who I have spent all my time with in the studio! This week we present our collaboration on identity and the dancers voice. Institute of Dance, Balgrade, Bulevar vojvode Misica 43 Belgrade, Serbia. Three weeks of investigation and creation, despite the political demonstrations and on-going cancellations, we continue to create and love Belgrade!!

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Live Performances with Projection, Digital Sound, Piano and Voice work May – June 2023 in Belgrade Serbia. Performers: Iva Ilijevski, Anja Stojankic, Jelena Dudic, Tijana Ostojic, Miona Petrovic, Angela Mihova, Una Balaz, Mina Ciric, Đurđija (Georgia) Jelenkovic, Ana Obradovic. Collaborator, Facilitator, Director Harriet Macauley, Serbia 

Belgrade Dance Institute in School of Engineering Management was established in 2014, The Aim of the Program is to prepare students for independent artistic developments in the field of highly professional Fine Arts (Dance), production in arts and culture, as well as for highly-skilled work in cultural institutions on positions such as: artistic leadership, management and art production.

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Belgrade city residency allowed for us to widen industry connections, to promote/share cultural traditions to form long-term alliances for collaborative digital dissemination. Harriet Macauley was inspired by a diverse/artistically driven community, and succeeded in promoting new knowledge, skill/expertise for future employment in the Dance Sector.