IDI spring and summer 2021 – we are excited to have launched a new up dated website for the development of IDI. From Spring 2021 we begin the accumulation of various new video shoots in the heart of Barcelona. New projects from Summer to Autumn 2021. Information to follow in the summer. We welcome a new time […]

Post COVID-19, Organisation IDI. 2021 – 2022

IDI are in work mode despite the fast approach of christmas and new year. We intend to have a new website, new partners, new funders, and a stronger management team leading into 2021. Organisation IDI  is ready for more! We are preparing for numerous international collaborations with new activities here in the heart of Barcelona […]


IDI are almost at the end of the year!!! We have over 25 edits to cut, blend, colorise and credit before the end of February 2021. Thank you again to Fre3 BODIES and our international financial supporters on the development of a new production team for IDI. Artistic Director: Harriet Macauley, ES/UK

Harriet Macauley, IDI – Fabra i Coats, Barcelona 2020

A short but intensive project with a fantastic photographer, Danny Fernandez, who captured exquisite images of the tech project despite COVID19 restrictions. IDI is ready to grow and support the artistic community of Barcelona with on-going international Dance & Tech projects. Thank you again tothe dancers of Fre3 BODIES post-graduate company, who undertook an intensive […]

IDI Activity Dance & Technology, COVID19, 2020

Artistic Director: Harriet Macauley, UK/ES. “I want to thank you all for working on IDI Activity Dance & Technology with Fre3 BODIES. The project was extraordinary, with Photography, Videography, Choreography, Technical Classes in Technology and Dance. Despite COVID19 and the restrictions imposed on participation with dance, I hope we are able to continue to propel […]

DAY 5 IDI Dance and Tech, Harriet Macauley & Team

We are almost in the last period of our IDI Dance & Tech project. I am very happy to have worked with a extraordinary group of dancers for the development of digital material from 2021. Image Danny Fernandez UK/ES

DAY 3 + 4 IDI Dance and Tech, Harriet Macauley & Team

Day 2 and we have a sketch of a new work! 22 dancers, two digital screens, three videographers, and a photographer! Despite the current changes with COVID19 on 14th October 2020, we will present a full work at Fabra I Coats supported by the Generalitat, Government of Catalunya and International funders.  Image: Aldana Juarez, Fabra I […]

IDI Digital Installation with Dance – Saturday 17th October 2020

We are at Fabra i Coats with a team of 40 attendees in education, technology and performance programme. IDI Digital Installation with Dance – Saturday 17th October 2020 We have limited capacity to watch a short sharing of dancers with digital technology. If you are interested in attending the performance sharing please send a email […]

FULLY BOOKED IDI Dansa I Tecnologia 13 – 17 Octubre 2020 

We are fully booked for our activity  IDI Dansa I Tecnologia 13 – 17 Octubre 2020  Interested candidates should join our mailing list for future activities from 2021. Thank you all for your support on the formation of our technology project. Notifications on new activities will be posted soon. 

Harriet Macauley, IDI InDance International 2021 – 2022

We are so excited to receive yet more support from the ICEC for the development of an extraordinary organisation. ‘Words cannot express how excited I am for the future of IDI, InDance International in Europe and beyond. As Founder and Director of IDI, I want to thank all the individuals who have assisted in the […]