Dance East, Supported by Arts Council England 2023 

Arts Council England, Dance East, Yorkshire Dance, Culture Moves Europe and Belgrade Dance.

InDance International Harriet Macauley Triplicity into Quantum at Dance East, Yorkshire Dance, supported by Leeds Conservatories and Liverpool John Moores was a moment of Magic!

We shared an early stage process on the development of a new dance work for community engagement and performances, created in preparation for performances in Europe and the United Kingdom from Spring 2024. A period of co-creation we were able to test the use of Mobile Phones devices as part of the performance creation with the audience. Through the use of live feed from Mobile Phone to computer the audience had the opportunity to design the interaction with the projection and dancers. Decision making is made with and between the participants within the dance.

Yorkshire Dance 2023

From Dance East to Yorkshire Dance, we were supported by Igor Halicki, who professionally designed video projections that included live Motion Tracking on stage, Audio Reactive Visuals and Data-based Graphics for Quantum. At Dance East, we were able to expand upon both Studio and Theatre digital dance practice supported by the in-house technical team. 

Quantum utilises multimedia tools (VR/MR) in dance, and provided time to build on Dance Digital Readiness for audiences, and, in doing so, supports partnership building & employment of Freelance dance workforce in England & Internationally. We committed to creating and recreating to form a new ideas and approaches to the use of Multimedia in Performance. 

InDance International Team England and beyond: 

  • Harriet Macauley England, Spain
  • Igor Halicki – Poland 
  • Jacob Gale – England
  • Alexis Lemoine Dupré – France
  • Flavia Dule – Italy, Albania
  • Azizi Cole – England 
  • Yuliya Hudoshnyk – Ukraine

Filming by YTD studios Leeds, Yorkshire. Supported by Arts Council England, European Union, Yorkshire Dance, Leeds Conservatories, Liverpool John Moores, Belgrade Institute of Dance, Serbia and L’Animal Girona.

Quantum is an in-depth period of essential residencies to instigate a new stage of audience participation at Yorkshire Dance, DanceEast, Institute of the Arts Barcelona, L’animal Girona, Urbine, Belgrade Dance Serbia & Can Clariana. Harriet’s approach is embedded in an the use of Multimedia to enhance the audience experience in Live and Broadcasting contexts. 

With the use of various digital tools, triggered in Cue Lab, Quantum evolved into a landscape of digital excitement. Enhanced by Live Streaming, Recording with the use of a custom soundscape created over the duration of the residency.

Quantum Belgrade was generously funded by Arts Council England, Belgrade Institute and European Union and more in 2023