This year, 2022 was a remarkable year for myself and the team, and we were able to begin to bond as a

Locations: Spain, England & Serbia. Sign up from January 2022

New residency proposed in 2023 at the Institute of the Arts, Barcelona for more information visit our website from January 2023.

Miss Harriet Macauley Europe, Panama, United Kingdom. Memories of R&D Project DUALITY Barcelona, Spain 2021 COVID madness!, yet a strong period of

The final performance is complete. Thank you to the students and participants of FEC and SandBox. Here we go Girona and UK for

Project Duality Presents “Un mundo de etiquetas” encapsulated by 10 solo dance works created and performed in two buildings in the city. Duality is

Director and Choreographer Harriet Macauley works in collaboration with participants from Sand Box Panama on the creation of a Digital Dance Installation

Submerged in multimedia with Italian choreographer and dancer Leonardo Diana for early stage research on Duality. Working both in Leeds the UK

Fundación Espacio Creativo is created in collaboration with BID Lab as a workspace and platform with the purpose of integrating technology and 

Led by Miss Harriet Macauley, Director, Founder, Researcher, Lecturer and Collaborator. The Future of IDI, 4 years on from the beginnings of

How has your process towards dance and choreography started? I have been dancing professionally dancing for more than 15 years, and I

How has your process toward dance and choreography started? My professional journey started when I was a child, I started to dance

What do you enjoy the most about working with young performers and dancers at IDI? I enjoy moving around with them, because

"Inspiration just happens, you don't have to look for it, but be open to it" An interview with Sara Colomino. Catalunya, Spain.

“IDI, where is the movement coming from and where can we take it?!” An interview with Valentina Temussi. Italy

"Duality, an umbrella of combining the old language with the new" An interview with Megan Curet. New York, USA.