Fundación Espacio Creativo is created in collaboration with BID Lab as a workspace and platform with the purpose of integrating technology and 

Raúl Tamez

How has your process towards dance and choreography started? I have been dancing professionally dancing for more than 15 years, and I

The new year has slowly begun to unfold with numerous projects and activities generated for the development of IDI, Dance and Technology

IDI are in work mode despite the fast approach of christmas and new year. We intend to have a new website, new

IDI are almost at the end of the year!!! We have over 25 edits to cut, blend, colorise and credit before the

We are in preparations for a series of new edits by Film Maker and Photographer Jero Cerezoand Editor and Choreographer Harriet Macauley,

IDI has had an extraordinary year! As we lead into the last month or so of 2020, we hope to begin to

We are finally able to have time to build upon our community of dance artists and performers coupled with a new website

Artistic Director, Harriet Macauley UK/ES. Despite COVID19…we are MOVING AND CREATING! FIVE days with student company, Fre3 BODIES and we are now

A short but intensive project with a fantastic photographer, Danny Fernandez, who captured exquisite images of the tech project despite COVID19 restrictions.

We are excited to begin organising a new professional project with IDI production team. Project completed with IDI Dance & Tech, 30

Artistic Director: Harriet Macauley, UK/ES. “I want to thank you all for working on IDI Activity Dance & Technology with Fre3 BODIES.

We are almost in the last period of our IDI Dance & Tech project. I am very happy to have worked with

Day 2 and we have a sketch of a new work! 22 dancers, two digital screens, three videographers, and a photographer! Despite

Day One – extraordinary, we have only just begun. Finally back in the studio again despite COVID19.  The line up….the beginning of

We are at Fabra i Coats with a team of 40 attendees in education, technology and performance programme. IDI Digital Installation with

We are fully booked for our activity  IDI Dansa I Tecnologia 13 – 17 Octubre 2020  Interested candidates should join our mailing