Quantum was performed in Leeds, Belgrade, Barcelona and Girona. It is a project which provides the people with opportunities in the creation of a Multimedia Dance Work with students or professionals, including the use of a original sound score, a choreographic movement score, which integrates character base discoveries., and short films, integrated into the performance and distribution of the Dance Work.
Fundamental, to the project are the Streaming, Broadcasting and Recordings of Dancers and Perfomers for dissemination to England, Europe and Internationally.

Previously funded by Arts Council England, L’animal, Girona, Culture Moves, Europe, Dance East, Yorkshire Dance and more


Quantum is designed for undergraduate and master academic students/dancers in the field of Artistic Dance. The project can be integrated or combined with Degree programs, Diploma Certificates or Performances, in England, Europe or Internationally.

Led by InDance International and Choreographer, Director Harriet Macauley the project is specifically for Performing Arts Programs and collaborates regularly with Digital Media Artists in Europe. For Booking Contact: Info@indanceinternational.com

InDance International Harriet Macauley Quantum was a period of creation through  a Collaborative Multimedia Contemporary Dance Co-creation Residency supported by members of the faculty; Prof. Aleksandar llic, Vice President, Snezana Arnautovic and Prof. Dr. Vladimir Tomasevic. Harriet was hosted in the city of Belgrade Bulevar vojvode Misica 43, Belgrade Dance Institute to deliver the program. The outcomes of the period was learning, practice, networking, exchange, experimentation and performences with students, graduates, freelancers and independent artists.

Quantum Belgrade was generously funded by Arts Council England, Belgrade Institute and European Union in 2023.