Girona 2023

L'animal, Girona Arts Council England

InDance International Harriet Macauley Quantum was a one movement, digital and research period, accompanied by Member of InDance International, Elisabeth Schilling. The period was an extraordinary moment to discover a newest in the creation of solo works and to provide sessions on our practice. 

​​The name “L’animal a l’esquena” (“The animal on the back”) alludes to the image of an animal carried on one’s back, over a column which is the central axis of the body and the movement. It is as well an image that evokes a certain condition of fragility and questions the place and expression of the body. L’animal a l’esquena is designed to set up the links and connections between artists, scholars and the public, in such a way that the centre converts itself into a ‘shared place’, into a framework to research body based artistic practice. A framework for research understood as an accumulative process, of contextualisation and reflection, of training and exchange.

L’animal a l’esquena attempts to reflect the actual need of contemporary arts practice to define a critical frame based on the presence of different voices and views, in order to look for a change in the values related to visuality, textuality, identity and corporality. L’animal a l’esquena proposes a temporary refuge in which the difference is recognised and accepted

L’animal Farm 2023

L’animal is a shared place to establish a physical structure, a collaborative network structure and a framework for research in order to propitiate an accumulative process. A process of personalisation of environment, of training and exchange between the different artistic processes. The landscape of L’animal, provides a space to begin to connect with the environmental aspects of site-specific creation, to discover new ways to allow for the body to expand its understanding and solidify its connection with context and location.

Out Door Experimentation

Creation Space

L’animal is set to discover the ambivalence and authenticity of movement and creation. Our axis and point of discovery was to enable a time to expand upon different disciplines within the Contemporary Dance remit, and through a  fixed period of time, to explore, discuss and analyse together the different artistic processes within our individual practices. 

Harriet Macauley, L’animal Residency Girona 2023

L’animal House, 2023

Quantum Girona was generously funded by Arts Council England, Liverpool John Moores and InDance International in June 2023