Triplicity (TPVR) Multimedia Dance Creation, Limerick, Dublin Ireland, Northern Ballet, Leeds Institute of the Arts Sitges Barcelona · 30th May to 5th August 2022

Triplicity (TPVR) utilises multimedia in hybrid dance collaboration with new and existing partners/organisations and encompasses a structured dialogue exchange with intercommunication between Harriet Macauley, organisations & creative facilitators in the UK.

Light Moves is thrilled to announce Choreographer Harriet Macauley and Technologist Libby Odai are the selected dance and digital artists for the inaugural Studio Light Moves / Open Futures 2021 residency and critical-exchange platform. The significant and international response to this initiative demonstrated the value placed on interdisciplinary collaboration between dance and digital artists.

Northern Ballet Audition received 100s of applications for participation in new work Triplicity choreographer Harriet Macauley. 

Supported by United Kingdom and International Organisations
Liverpool Johnmoores Screen School
Dance Leeds Studio
Northern Ballet Leeds
Light Moves, Open Futures is delivered in partnership with Dance Limerick and now in its second year, introduces new partners, Dance Ireland, Limerick City Gallery of Art and the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance.

Triplicity Multimedia Creation Choreographer Harriet Macauley was created with support from Arts Council England, Leeds Conservatories, Dance Ireland, Dance Limerick, Liverpool John Moores, Dance Studio Leeds, Limerick University , Institute of the Arts Barcelona, YTD studios United Kingdom 

Triplicity Multimedia Creation Choreographer Harriet Macauley was supported by Yorkshire Dance, Leeds 2020 – 2023