IDI Dance & Tech, Educational Program.

We are in the process of obtaining and building the final stages of our project, despite COVID19. Led by Harriet Macauley and in collaboration with Fre3 Bodies Post graduate touring company, we will provide a period of intense creativity, through photography, videography, classes and activities. Guidelines on COVID19 restrictions will be provided.

A new period of creative flow, we are all excited. 

We are almost there!!! Extraordinary.

IDI Dance & Tech 2020 Image Gerard Franco, ES


Artistic Director & Choreographer – Harriet Macauley

Manager – Elena Espejo

Dramaturgy – Valentina Temussi

Professor – Sara Colomino Gimenez

Communication – Yolanda Toledano Carreras

Production –  Victor Pavia

Photography – Maurice Moeliker & Lucia Godinez

Videography – Roger La Puente, Waldemar Ramos & Aldana Juarez


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