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As the most diverse digital dance organisation in Europe, IDI creates international dance and technology opportunities to support emerging artists, students, recent graduates of the performing arts, professional choreographers, professors of dance and aspiring multimedia dance artists.

Located in Barcelona, Europe we are passionate and popular for our commitment to dance collaboration with multimedia technologies through various activities to shape and invest in the future of dance.

Exclusive to InDance International is the delivery of inclusive projects alongside the development of professional opportunities for emerging artists through InDance Barcelona, Annual Dance Technology Performance Event, Productions, Video, Dance Films, Screen Dance, Education & Technology, Education Workshops.

The work of IDI, Dance & Technology would not be possible without support
from individual donors, public and private funders, trusts and foundations and corporate partnerships.

How can you support our work?

Anything you can give to support a professor, choreographer or performer will help us to continue to propel dance performance beyond the theatre with the use of dynamic multimedia technology. Your support can change lives committed to Dance and Performance.


Make a one-off or regular contribution to IDI projects.

Support Dance & Multimedia Education, Events & Production in UK & Europe 
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